The last decades were shaped by a rapid increase of extraordinary environmental phenomena as hurricanes or floods. The Sentinel-Satellites, part of the Copernicus Program developed by the ESA, are getting much more important for observing, documenting and monitoring these changes. In 2010 and 2012, CarboFibretec was ordered to build three carrier structures for the measuring instruments of the „Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer“. Two more structures were ordered in 2016. The first launch of a Sentinel-3-Satellite happened in February 2016 in Plessezk (Russia). The second launch is planned for 2017.



Hybrid Spray Boom – Fibre

The total area of land available for agricultural activities is limited, but the demand for agricultural produce is rising as a result of global growth. Pesticides and fertilizer, spread by Spray Booms, are one of the most important features to increase yields. Conventional Spray Booms tend to uncontrollable oscillations and are therefore in need for high quantities of these fertilizers. Together with a few project partners, CarboFibretec developed an innovative, non-oscillating lightweight construction for resource saving cultivation. The new Hybrid Spray Boom is not only light and stiff, it is also equipped with an innovative folding mechanism.


Knot Elements – WICKNOT

Knots are the key elements and weak spots of great framework constructions. Due to their complex geometrical structures, a machine-based, industrial production was nearly impossible. Instead, massive metal components or costly parts were laboriously handmade. Together with a few project partners, CarboFibretec has developed an innovative machine for industrial knot-winding. In the future it will be possible to produce complex knots fast and reproducible in a high number or individual knots for almost every application.


Having suffered an apoleptic stroke, the consequences, like paralysis and other restrictions are often much harder to endure. In most cases, a rehabilitation is arduous. Therefore, CarboFibretec and its project partners develop a lightweight and adaptive leg brace for the orthopedic rehabilitation of the lower limb area. The so called „Reha-Thesis“ is light and perfectly adapted to the individual needs of its user. The built-in actuators support the walking movements precisely, the multi-local sensors can be used for a well mapped-out monitoring of the patient. With this intelligent and individual orthosis, CarboFibretec sets a benchmark in the field of medical technology.


Electrobike – Velocité

This visionary e-bike combines everything, a pedelec is missing today: New and modern stylistic elements are united with a sensational weight, that was reserved for bicycles without electric assistance – until now. The heart of this bike is its radical new engine concept. Light, strong and invisible. Some years and a lot of technical knowledge were needed, until the engineers of CarboFibretec and other partners succeeded in solving the impossible: They hid batteries and the electric engine in light carbon bicycle frames. Magnets are integrated in the rims and are driven by coils in the frame – without gearbox and contact. Due to this technique the e-bike weights less than 13kg.

Carbo Bike – Leichtlast

Electromobility is the future of bicycle development. Especially cargo bikes are a key element of intraurban mobility. But because of their high weight and their short range, they are still restricted. The engineers of CarboFibretec together with their project partners, planned „Leichtlast“, a carbon bike made of extremely light composite materials and a highly efficient, structurally integrated engine. The carbon fibre reinforced material will reduce the weight of the cargo bike by half, the new efficient power transmission system will raise the range – energy recuperation included. The invisible engine is integrated into the frame and is the reason for a faster acceleration and a completely new driving experience.


Every cyclist or amateur, knows the name „Lightweight“. They are especially famous for their wide product range of wheels, useful for every interest. The „Fernweg“ is one of the fastest wheels on the market, „Autobahn“ is the ultimate wheel for the oval. These different types of wheels demand a high class, specialized knowledge and an infallible eye for design and precision. Handmade and with their expertise in lightweight construction, the engineers of CarboFibretec were an essential part of the latest „Lightweight“ highlight, the wheel „Wegweiser“.

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Carbonsports – Lightweight


The frame is the backbone of every bike. Lightness and stiffness are the essentials for every kind of riding pleasure. No other frame enables such a perfect power flow, creates such a harmonious symbiosis, like the „Lightweight“ products. Especially the „Urgestalt“ frame is not only known to professionals , but also to ambitious leisure cyclists. The precise technical planning and conception of the engineers of CarboFibretec are the conditions for this perfection. Together with „CarbonSports“ they create surely the best bikes of the world.